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Women who work at the grass-root level are identified by our Master Trainers and Ministry Partners and are trained to be effective communicators and start micro-thrift groups and micro-enterprises to enable holistic transformation within their communities.



The purpose is to train women in simple communication and development skills, and mould them into agents of change through WEDGE (Women Empowerment and Development Group Enterprises).


  • Bible Knowledge
  • Preaching and communication skills
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Holistic Gospel
  • Micro-credit and micro-enterprise
  • 30+ contextual technologies for income generation


Mission leaders select 20 grass-root women leaders from different parts of India and Nepal and send them for a one-month training with IWILL. They will be accompanied by one interpreter. They are given training in communication skills and hands-on training in simple technologies with field exposure visits to micro enterprise models.