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About Us

TENT was founded in 1995, and a lot has changed for us over the years but one thing has remained consistent: a focus on helping people live in love for the Kingdom of God.

Our mission:

Our mission is to continually build a church that is relevant, constantly recognizes and meets people’s needs, pursues the teaching of God’s Word and always provides an atmosphere for positive relationships to grow and develop.


Training in Evangelism Needs and Technology (TENT) is an indigenous ministry founded in 1985 by Mrs. & Prof. B E Vijayam in Hyderabad, India. They received the inspiration from the Biblical model of Paul’s ministry method of tentmaking and an example set by Bishop Bunyan Joseph, Prof. Vijayam’s father, who followed the model of Paul.  TENT was registered as a Society in 1985 under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Areas) Public Societies Registration Act. The purpose is to mobilize and equip a large workforce of pastors and evangelists with a twofold emphasis:
  • Training Christian workers to communicate the Gospel to the unreached and affinity groups 
  • Training in income-generating contextual technologies to make the Christian workers tentmaking Christian workers
The goal of the ministry of TENT is
  • To make grassroots workers partially or wholly self-supported for their work among each of the people groups of India
  • To promote holistic (spiritual, social and economic) development of the poor


The vision of TENT ministry is to train gospel workers to reach the 4,635 people groups in India, and 175 people groups in Nepal. We equip our trainees to be catalysts in holistic development through cross-cultural ministry skills, micro-enterprise development and transfer of technologies. The mission of TENT is to train committed men and women deputed by missions and churches from India and Nepal to reach the unreached people groups within the region. In order to achieve this, TENT equips them with cross-cultural understanding, contextual technology skills for income generation along with micro-credit and micro-enterprises leading to church planting and holistic development among the unreached people groups.