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Walk through the Holy Land Model

This model is a 140 ft by 70 ft size replica of the Holy Land which is scaled to 1 mile to one foot on the ground. It shows all the important places in the Holy Land, with a detailed model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

Noah’s Ark

The model at TENT is one-third of the size of the Ark built by Noah in the Bible. This structure is 150 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 45 feet high. One third of this houses pairs of animals partially animated with sounds. The other two thirds is a perfect place for an auditorium.

Garden Tomb

This model of Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem has an open grass lawn with a few sitting areas, making it ideal for meditation and small group meetings.


A full-size model of the tabernacle is built on Carmel Campus. It was made primarily
for educational purposes and to draw spiritual implications from symbols and signs that were a part of God’s design. The Tabernacle and its ministry points towards the fulfilment of the promised Messiah in Jesus Christ. One of our guides will give you a full tour and description of the tabernacle with Biblical and historical perspectives, if you reserve a time slot for your visit.