Rev. Dr. K. Jayawanth Samuel retired as senior pastor of Millennium Methodist Church, one of the largeest churches in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Now he is serving as an honorary President of Twin Cities Pastors Fellowship and also chairs the boards of BCM-India and Pioneers India. He is involved in personal ministry of intercessory prayer for the nations and leads prayer groups.


Dr. Mrs. Lavanya Suneetha is a micro-biologist and director of Nireekshana-ACET, where she provides compassionate care and medical treatment to AIDS affected people. She also counsels women with HIV-AIDS. She and her husband Dr. Sujai, a medical doctor, attend Assemblies of God church.


Dr. B. Kala Kumar is son of a pastor and a veterinary scientist and professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology at Veterinary University. He is an elder at his local church and spends considerable amount of time every weekend in his church’s outreach ministry.

Joint Secretary: A

Dr. P. Judson retired as a professor of Zoology in Osmania university. He who was instrumental in founding a Baptist church. In addition to his role in the university, Dr. Judson discipled students throughout his academic career.


Dr. P. Manasseh has multiple Ph. Ds in Archaeology, Church History, Philosophy, and English Literature. He founded HABSAR (Hyderabad Academy of Biblical Studies and Research) where he trains Christian leaders in theology. He served as principal of various colleges. At present, he is the principal of a business school. He is a tentmaker who runs a printing press. He leads a Brethren assembly in Secunderabad.

Executive Member:

Mr. James Emmanuel is a Christian businessperson. His businesses include marketing of surveillance systems and agricultural farms. He loves farming and grows a variety of cash crops in his agricultural land. He is a member of Laymenaes Evangelical Fellowship and interested in encouraging Christian young people towards business as a calling.

Executive Member:

Pr. Hepsibah William is an associate pastor of Aenon Ministries Church. She and her husband Rev. William Carey are the founders and leaders of a multi-campus non-denominational church having a majority of first generation Christians. Pastor Hepsibahaes passion is to reach women of other faiths through church ministry.


Rev. Dr. Caleb is Director of Harvest Ministries, a church planting ministry. He is also the director of Stonebridge-Vijayalaxmi Residential School, started for the under privileged children. Rev. Caleb attends Secunderabad Bible Fellowship. He is passionate about rural evangelism and church planting.

Rev. B. Joseph is a retired priest in Church of South India. Prior to becoming a priest, Rev. Joseph was a cross-cultural missionary in India’s first indigenous church based mission. He is a good counselor with a pastoral heart.

Mr. P. J. Lawrence is an educationist and Christian social activist. He served as principal SPG High school in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh. He enjoys tutoring under privileged students in mathematics. He is an active member of Anglican church and associated with Gideonaes International, India.

Dr. GET Azaraiah is a professor of Zoology and retired as principal of a college started by missionaries. He attends the Church of South India and is associated with Bible Study Fellowship in Hyderabad. He loves working with young people.

Mr. Henry Moses is a mechanical engineer and a Christian businessman. He runs a company that manufactures fiberglass products. His wife is a medical doctor. They attend Immanuel House of Worship in Secunderabad. As a visiting lecturer, he teaches entrepreneurial skills to engineering college students.

Dr. P. Anuradha is a professor and head of the department of Basic Sciences of BVRIT College of Engineering for Women in Hyderabad. Her husband is professor of mechanical engineering. Along with her husband she conducts bible study in her home. She enjoys discipling young women.