Holistic Development Training

Concept: The training for grass-roots level women identified by our Master Trainers and ministry partners. The women are trained to share the gospel and start micro-thrift groups and micro-enterprises to enable holistic transformation within their communities.

Purpose: The purpose is to train women in simple gospel communication skills, and development skills, and mould them in to agents of change through WEDGEs (Women Empowerment and Development Group Enterprises).


  • Bible Knowledge

  • Preaching and communication skills

  • Evangelism

  • Discipleship

  • Holistic Gospel

  • Micro-credit and micro-enterprise

  • 30+ contextual technologies for income generation

Method: Mission leaders select 20 grass-roots women leaders from different parts of India and Nepal and send them for one-month training with IWILL. They will be accompanied by one interpreter. They are given training in simple gospel communication skills and hands-on training in simple technologies with field exposure visits to micro enterprise models.